Release versions

For most users, we recommend to use the latest release version of ESPResSo . It contains the best-tested code and stable features and it is easy to compile.

Note that although a few Linux distributions provide binary packages of ESPResSo , they should be only used for the first contact with the software. Serious users should always compile their own code of ESPResSo , as this will result in the best performance.

3.3.1 (Latest release)

Development code

  • Find the latest development code of ESPResSo on github or directly
    git clone
  • If you want to use the development code of ESPResSo , we recommend that you get the code as described in the Developer’s zone.
  • Alternatively, you can also get a source .tar.gz of the latest development code from our build server.
  • Before you do that, you might want to read the NEWS file of that code.

Getting started

  • To get started, you should have a look at the Documentation area.
  • If you have problems to get ESPResSo running, you can look for an answer on the FAQ.
  • Furthermore, you should consider to subscribe to one or more of our mailing lists.

Older releases

Older releases of ESPResSo can be found in the Savannah download area.