Release versions

For most users, we recommend to use the latest release version of ESPResSo . It contains the best-tested code and stable features and it is easy to compile.

4.1 (Latest release 13-December-2019)

Please consider subscribing to our mailing list if you’re using ESPResSo in production, as we occasionally need to get community feedback when making decisions on the future of specific features/methods in upcoming releases of ESPResSo . You’ll also get up-to-date information on bugfix releases.

Development code

  • Find the latest development code of ESPResSo on GitHub or directly
    git clone
  • Note that although many features are continuously tested, we recommend to use the latest stable release for production simulations.
  • If you are planning to develop new features, please contact us.

Older releases

  • Older releases of ESPResSo with Python can be found here
  • Older releases of ESPResSo with TCL can be found here.