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Before reporting a bug

Before you start reporting a bug, please check the following first:

  • Query the GitHub project to check whether the bug has already been reported.
  • If you are not sure that what you have found actually is a bug or a feature, please don’t hesitate to write to the user mailing list.
  • If after discussion on the mailing list you are convinced that it is a bug, please report the bug on GitHub using the instructions in the section below.

Reporting a bug

To help us finding the bug in the code, please provide us with the following information:

  • In what component of ESPResSo did you find the bug?
  • In what version did you find the bug? It can be the release tag, or the commit if you’re using the development branch.
  • Please give a telling Summary of the bug.
  • Please give all possible information that you can provide, but at least the following:
    • The script that failed
      • The script filepath if it came with ESPResSo
      • For custom scripts, remove as much of the code that is not relevant to reproduce the bug, and attach that minimal working example to the GitHub issue or email
    • All relevant error messages
      • The CMake output: it contains valuable information about your libraries
      • The pypresso error message; please compile ESPResSo in debug mode to help us track the source of the error
      • Here is a workflow to generate the required information in two files (cmake.log and trace.log) that can be attached to your email or GitHub issue:
        cmake --version | tee cmake.log
        cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug 2>&1 | tee -a cmake.log
        make -j`nproc`
        ./pypresso 2>&1 | c++filt | tee trace.log
    • All relevant information about your build environment
      • Your operating system name and version, for example Ubuntu 18.04
      • The file myconfig.hpp that you used, or “default myconfig” if you didn’t use one