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ESPResSo Summer Schools

Each year at the end of  the summer (typically mid-October), we organize a one-week summer school at the ICP at Stuttgart University, Germany. The schools are typically free of charge, and in some cases we may even be able to support people from abroad.

The schools are sponsored by CECAM and the SimTech Cluster of Excellence at Stuttgart University.

ESPResSo summer school 2015 at the ICP

Upcoming Summer School

Our CECAM school Active, Charged, and Magnetic Soft Matter Simulations with ESPResSo will take place on October 7-11, 2019 at the Institute for Computational Physics, University of Stuttgart.

The school focuses on the introduction of particle-based coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics simulation techniques for Hard and Soft Matter systems with the freely available software package ESPResSo. A wide range of topics will be covered. These include colloids, polymers, magnetic fluids, and active matter. Lectures will provide an introduction to the physics and simulation model building as well as an overview of the necessary simulation algorithms such as electrostatics and hydrodynamics solvers. During the afternoon, students will practice running their own simulations in hands-on sessions.

Registration information, accommodation information and the detailed summer school program can be found here.

Past Summer Schools