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Oct 11 2017

ESPResSo Summer School 2017 Slides

Here are the slides of the ESPResSo summer school 2017:

Jun 12 2017

Online Documentation

We are switching from the document based User Guide  to a Online Documentation with examples, development instructions and cross references to the python interface code.

Jun 01 2017

Soft Matter, Issue 18, 2017

The Cover of Soft Matter, Issue 18, 2017 shows a

polyelectrolyte gel simulated with ESPResSo .

Find details in the article:

“A self-consistent mean-field model for polyelectrolyte gels”
by Oleg Rud, Tobias Richter, Oleg Borisov, Christian Holm
and Peter Košovan

Jun 07 2016

Recent publications citing ESPResSo

Check the Publications section for highlight publications and the complete Scopus RSS feed.