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The main publications of ESPResSo are the following:

  • A. Arnold, K. Breitsprecher, F. Fahrenberger, S. Kesselheim, O. Lenz, C. Holm. “Efficient Algorithms for Electrostatic Interactions Including Dielectric Contrasts”. Entropy 15(11), (4569–4588) 2013. (DOI)
  • A. Arnold, O. Lenz, S. Kesselheim, R. Weeber, F. Fahrenberger, D. Roehm, P. Košovan and C. Holm. “ESPResSo 3.1 – Molecular Dynamics Software for Coarse-Grained Models” Meshfree Methods for Partial Differential Equations VI , volume 89 of Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, pages 1-23, Editors: M. Griebel and M. A. Schweitzer, 2013. Springer. (DOI)
  • Hans-Jörg Limbach, Axel Arnold, Bernward A. Mann and Christian Holm. “ESPResSo – An Extensible Simulation Package for Research on Soft Matter Systems”. Comput. Phys. Commun. 174(9) (704-727), 2006. (DOI)

If you use ESPResSo and obtain scientific results that you publish, we would ask you to acknowledge the usage of ESPResSo by referencing the above article!

Also, feel free to add the ESPResSo logo to your poster or presentation.