Aug 11 2014

ESPResSo 3.3.0 released

The ESPResSo team is proud to announce that we have just released version 3.3.0 of ESPResSo !

[important]Download ESPResSo 3.3.0 here[/important]

Highlights of this release include

  • Calculation of the electrokinetic equations via the ELECTROKINETICS feature,
  • The Shan/Chen method for multi component lattice Boltzmann fluids,
  • the P3M and MMM1D methods can now be computed on a GPU,
  • ESPResSo now has a rudimentary Python interface.

For a complete list of the changes in the release, please refer to the file NEWS. If you find a bug in the release, please report the bug here.

We recommend all users of ESPResSo to update to the new release as soon as possible. With the release of 3.3.0, we will not provide further updates to the ESPResSo 3.3 branch.

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