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New users should follow these steps to get ESPResSo running:

  1. Check the installation requirements for your operating system
  2. Download ESPResSo
  3. Build ESPResSo
  4. Run your script with ./pypresso <SCRIPT>


The tutorials are available as IPython/Jupyter notebooks:

  • Simulate a simple Lennard-Jones liquid 
    Modelling of a single-component and a two-component Lennard-Jones liquid.
  • Charged systems
    Modelling of charged systems such as ionic crystals.
    Guide Part 1
    Guide Part 2
  • Lattice Boltzmann
    Simulations including hydrodynamic interactions using the Lattice-Boltzmann method.
    Guide Part 1
    Guide Part 2
    Guide Part 3
    Guide Part 4
  • Raspberry electrophoresis
    Extended objects in a Lattice-Boltzmann fluid, raspberry particles.
  • Active matter
    Modelling of self-propelling particles.
    Guide | Exercises | Solutions
  • Electrokinetics
    Modelling electrokinetics together with hydrodynamic interactions.
  • Visualization
    Using the online visualizers of ESPResSo
  • Ferrofluid
    Modelling of a monolayer ferrofluid system.
    Guide Part 1
    Guide Part 2
    Guide Part 3
  • Constant pH method
    Modelling an acid dissociation curve using the constant pH method.

All tutorials can also be found in doc/tutorials/ in the source code and distribution packages or online on GitHub.

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