This is a list of resources for User documentation of ESPResSo . When you are interested in developing ESPResSo , have a look at our wiki page on Developer’s Docs.

  • For the development code and upcoming releases see the Online Documentation here.
  • We have a FAQ list (Frequently Asked Questions) on our wiki.
  • The main documentation of ESPResSo up to version 3.3.1 is the User’s Guide (UG).
  • We have a few tutorials on ESPResSo .
    • All tutorials can be found in the directory doc/tutorials/ in the source code and distribution packages.

  • There are the presentations from the yearly ESPResSo Summer Schools at ICP in Stuttgart
  • You can also search the archive of the User’s Mailing List.
  • Or you can have a look at our wiki.
  • For developers, there is also the list of Developer’s Docs.