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To be able to use ESPResSo , the following requirements need to be fullfilled:

  • ESPResSo should run on most POSIX operating systems (i.e. most Unix and Linux operating systems). In particular, ESPResSo is developed and tested on GNU/Linux (64-bit), AIX and Mac OS X.
  • We do not support Windows OSes.
  • As ESPResSo has to be manually compiled (no binaries are available!), a C-compiler has to be installed. This is not because we are to lazy to provide binaries, but because the software should be compiled with a certain application in mind.
  • ESPResSo requires a not-too-old-version of the the scripting language Tcl/Tk (at least Tcl 8.3).
  • Many methods and analysis routines require the FFTW library.
  • For parallel execution, ESPResSo requires an MPI parallel environment, e.g. OpenMPI, LAM/MPI or MPICH.