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This page describes how to use the ESPResSo-Wiki that hosts the pages you are currently reading. If you want help concerning the program ESPResSo itself, please refer to the Documentation.

Getting started

To be able to edit pages in this wiki, you need an account. Create your account here!

To get started, you can use the Wikipedia tutorial. Of course, only the technical details apply to this wiki, as we do not want to create an encycopedia. Also, you can read a more detailed introduction.

If you want to try out how this wiki works, there is the Sandbox.

General help

This wiki uses the MediaWiki-software, i.e. the same software that is used by Wikipedia. Therefore, you can consult the Public Domain Help Pages or alternatively the MediaWiki Handbook for detailed information on using the wiki software. In the following, a number of quick links to the Public Domain Help Pages are given.

Useful docs for administrators